Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Using Radar

What is Radar?
Radar is a method of detecting distant objects and determining their position.

When do I need it?
You just linked a developed Revit model into a new project file and you can't seem to find it. Ever happen to you? I know it happens to many. This is where having radar comes in handy.

If I just imported a project and I can't seem to locate the imported model the first thing I do is setup my radar.
1. Go to a floor plan view and add four new elevations looking in all directions.
2. Highlight these new elevations in your project browser and go to element properties.
3. Uncheck Crop View and Far Clip Active parameters.
4. Open each view individually and zoom all (ZA) until you find the model you are looking for.

Users new to file linking can waste valuable time searching for imported models. Next time just tell them to setup their radar.