Monday, March 04, 2013

Finding a way

Now that you can revise instantly, are you often asked to instantly revise?

One of the common challenges we face in Revit is trying to update a model, as fast as changes are occurring in the design process.  If you too are struggling with this, try to keep these questions in the back of your mind as you model:
  • Is this change worth commiting to the model now or will a sketch suffice?
  • I know I can update some things very quickly in a model, but what things are taking time?  Cleanups?  Sitework?
  • If this change is taking so long my way, there must be a better way? Ask around!
  • How can I reduce or eliminate this unneccessary source of lost time and get the output I really need?
  • Do I need to be this specific this soon in the process? Or is coarse data not only faster, but more desirable at this stage?
As a Revit Beginner you can wait around and be told what to do, or you can constantly reinvent yourself and find a better way.