Monday, April 17, 2006

Repeating Detail Tool

Do you want to add tile pavers on a slab, 2x6 joists in a section drawing, or wood shake to a roof section? The repeating Detail Tool will draft detail components along a line you define at spacing you define. Go to Drafting... Repeating Detail... Edit/New... Duplicate. Here you can add new Repeating Details to your project. You must first load the detail component you want to repeat.

Any Revit Text you place in a Detail Component will not show up when you go to use the component in a repeating detail. If you want to add text to your repeating detail you'll have to first import AutoCAD text into your detail component.

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coreed said...

i didn't see an email for you and i couldn't figure any other way to contact you. i apologize for using this comment section.we are firm such as yours, lot of large custom residentail and builer homes located in michigan. we are just getting started w/ revit and was wondering if you might provide us with a pdf example of a set of construction document produced using Revit. we just interested in seeing what is being done, but haven't had any luck with this request from anyone yet.
if so, my info is:
Charles Reed,AIA
bmpArchitects. Inc.