Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Surveys and Site Plans

We quite often import survey data into Revit from DWG files given to us by the surveyor. Here are a few tips to consider when importing (and exporting) surveys.

1. Under File... Import/Link... CAD Formats... If you check "Link (instead of import)" you're keeping the project file size smaller. If you want to import the survey later you can always Import under File... Manage Links.

2. If you check "Current view only" your survey will only show in the active view (similar to detail lines). If you uncheck "Current view only" your survey will be visible in all of your views... elevations, sections, 3D views, etc (similar to model lines) and you'll have to adjust its visibility one view at a time.

3. Now let's say you've developed your site plan (with linked survey) and you want to export the data (including survey) back to DWG format. If you go to File... Manage Links... and Import your linked survey then it will export with the rest of your model to DWG format. If you don't Import your survey you'll notice that only revit components will export. The survey needs to be a part of the Revit model or Revit won't consider it when exporting your site plan to DWG.

UPDATE (09/27/06):
In Revit Building 9.1, when a DWG or DXF survey file is imported with the Current View Only checkbox checked, you cannot select the DWG/DXF instance to create a terrain model from the instance like you could with 9.0 and earlier versions. So imported data to be used for creating a toposurface must be imported with the Current View Only checkbox cleared. Thanks to Wes Macaulay on AUGI for posting this issue. Doesn't look like Autodesk is going to change this behavior.

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