Thursday, October 19, 2006

Autodesk Impression

Matt Rumbelow reports on his blog The Digital Architect that Autodesk Impression is now available for download. I've attached an image of one of our projects exported From Revit Building to dwg... imported into Impression... and rendered using out of the box tools. If you know photoshop, using this software is a snap.


Matt said...

Thanks for the cross posting! Great to see that Impressions is working well for you. Keep up the great Blog. Well done.

Bluegrassrules said...

I just ran across this old post while searching for a way to upload Impression for a Presentation project I'm doing in Architectural Drafting school. I uploaded Impression, exported my Revit project as a DWG and imported it into Impression. I loaded the DWG which was the 3D view of my building into Impression. It loaded viewing the model from the bottom of the floor, under the building. I tried to reload it and checked as many settings as I could in Revit to try and find out why the model loaded this way in Impression. Got any ideas why this would happen?