Monday, April 16, 2007

New Features in Revit 2008

Here is a list of some of the new and perhaps less obvious features in Revit Architecture 2008:
  • Plan Regions are now always visible and easier to find.
  • The element graphics of Section Boxes, Plan Regions, Crop Regions, Titleblocks, and Schedules can now be overridden once placed.
  • Roof Tags are now available.
  • Walls sweeps can now be scheduled.
  • When "including elements linked in files" into your schedules you can now also schedule the name of the RVT linked file that hosts the family (for managing large divided projects).
  • New shortcuts for Groups, Visibilty Overrides, etc.
  • Element overrides appear to be the only view specific overrides that dependent views do not share with their parent views.
  • You can link RVT projects as overlay or attachments ("attachments" will also load all rvt files nested into the linked rvt. "overlay" will only load the imported rvt).

With view specific graphic overrides for individual elements there appears to be not much use for the silhouette tool anymore (but you never know).

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xavier said...

Thaks for the update!. Anything on the new sustainable features?