Friday, April 17, 2009

Revit 2010: New Synchonize with Central

You might notice a few things about the new Save To Central features... and if you haven't... well, here are a few pointers.

1. Autodesk is now calling Save to Central (STC) a Synchronize with Central (SWC)

2. Some of the wording has changed in the Synchozine with Central dialog. The option now reads "Save Local File before and after synchonize with central."

What does this mean? Revit now saves the local file... then the central file... then the local file again when this option is checked. You might ask why... According to Autodesk, troubleshooting SWC crashes is easier if you give them the latest local (along with the usual journal files).

3. When you choose to open a workset enabled project you'll notice an option at the bottom of the dialog that reads "Create New Local" This option is checked by default to make local file creation more transparent. Once opened if you'll look at the title of your Revit window you'll notice that your username has been appended to the end of the filename. Revit is automatically creating a local file for you... all you have to do is open the central file and save to your desktop.

4. When closing a local file you have the option to discard changes and relenquish objects. Before you had to close the file and reopen to relenquish objects to accomplish the same task.

5. You can now set default worksets to open, during Save As in the Options button.

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Bill and Connie said...

Based on what our computer technitions are telling me saving to the desktop uses resources that will then be unavailable to applications. In other words I will have less available for Revit if it is saved to desktop than if it is saved to another location in a folder not on the desktop.

This came up when I was complaining about running out of memory and he saw I had a lot of stuff, files, shortcuts, etc on my desktop. He said one of the easiest ways to free up memory is to remove everything I can from the desktop because Windows uses resources to keep track of those things.

I could not verify this myself, but he is not the first computer tech to give me that advice.

Bill Spence
Austin TX