Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Attaching a wall to a stair

For those of you trying to attach a curved wall to the underside of a stair:
1. Model a stair and a wall (stair hidden below)
2. Model an in-place family of the floor or roof category (shown below)
3. Use extrusions for steps (ex. below). Use a swept blend for a sloping ramp or monolithic stair
4. Attach the top of wall to this in-place family
5. Set the in-place family as temporary (ie. phase created and phase demolished are the same)
I'm sure you can imagine many more uses for temporary elements.


Дмитрий Дронов said...

I dont understand.
What family are wall connecting with?

David said...

1. Go to the Architecture Tab... Component... Model In-place
2. Select the floor category
3. In the family editor set your workplane as the first tread.
4. Using the stair as a mold, model each extrusion to "mimic" each stair tread, remembering to set a new workplane for each new tread.
5. Finish your in-place family and attach the top of wall to the underside of this in-place family.

Obviously if the stair changes design the the treads of the in-place family will have to be rebuilt.

Дмитрий Дронов said...

Oh. I understand.
Instead stair we used a floor.
Thanks a lot.