Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Revit Wishlist

A lot of people post wishlists on their blogs. Here's my contribution:

  • Speed... Revit can be too slow for many users.
  • Wall intersections still need a little improving when phases are applied. Right now when a demo'd wall, new wall, and existing wall intersect at a "T" junction the intersection doesn't clean up in all phases.
  • Building Pads are not phase aware but should be
  • Schedules should be able to reference window sill/head/jamb details. Right now we have to manually input the detail number and sheet number into our schedules.
  • Add a scale factor for families. We have columns that we would like to scale while keeping the proportions of all the shapes constant. A global scale factor parameter would do the trick.
  • Add Variable Transparency option to Filled Regions
  • Add system families, annotations, titleblocks, and detail component families to Multi-Category Schedules so we can manage loaded families utilizing schedules. AND ability to add Project Parameters to titleblocks and annotations for same purpose.
  • A Family manager for changing subcategory names, flagging families for correction, etc.
  • A divide tool for splitting walls and lines into equal parts
  • A stretch tool similar to AutoCAD
  • Improved spline tools for trimming, filleting, and splitting splines. Right now moving the endpoint of a spline moves all the points and you can't trim, fillet, or split splines.
  • When demolishing a door, the infill wall Revit automatically places should be optional.
  • Generic Model Opening and Void edges don’t show when phases are applied.
  • Elevations should split/jog similar to the Section Tool.
  • Irregularly shaped Crop Regions should be supported like the vpclip tool in AutoCAD.
  • Crop regions that plot at varying thickness for cropping interior elevations.
  • A pop up message at the other user's computer when you put in a request for worksets.
  • Expanded Filter Selection Tool: adding ability to sort annotation and model objects by level, phase and worksets.
  • Add Text subcategories for turning selective text on and off.
  • Separate interior and building elevation tags so one can selectively turn off one OR the other in Visibility/Graphics... Annotation Categories.
  • Tools for illustrating and calculating egress
  • Submittal Package Utilities. Ability to sort sheets, drawing list, and print range by type of submittal package. A host of submittal package sorting and documenting tools would be of great benefit. When we submit a package to a client, contractor, consultant, or agency it would be of great benefit if we could just go to one place and check off the drawings that we want to plot, record for future reference, list on our coversheets, and display in our sheet browser.
  • When walls of different types meet Revit should cleanup the connection in elevation.
  • Key Plans tool needed (we have a large floor plan that is divided between sheets)
  • Separate interior and building elevation tags in Visibility/Graphics.
  • Separate Detail and Model Lines in Visibility/Graphics.

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