Friday, July 21, 2006

Multiple Project Orientations

Lets say you have three buildings on your site and they are all at different angles. If you go to View Properties you'll notice that for orientation you only have a choice between Project North and True North, but what if you need to work in plan views that are orthagonal to each building?

Just setup duplicate floor plan views for each building and turn on your crop regions. Select the crop region and you can rotate the view to any angle you need. Because you've created duplicate views you can now preserve the different angles in each view for all time. Keep in mind, Revit will rotate your view in the opposite direction that you rotate your crop region.


Grasshopper said...

Hi David
I enjoy checking your blog posts regularly. I'm the only person in my office using revit and search the net for fellow converts for their experiences when I'm stuck.
I am currently doing a project with multiple buildings on one site that are at all sorts of angles as you have discribed above. My solution for this was to use a scope box, name it and rotate them to square things. Then in the Element Properties/Extents - change the scope box the the new scope box name. This solution was concieved under deadline pressure and I have stuck with it through to construction documentation and so far haven't had any adverse reactions due to using this method.

David Duarte said...

Very cool tool grasshopper. I didn't know you could use the scope box function to orient views. Thanks!