Friday, March 28, 2008

My Work

It occured to me that I never once posted pictures of any project I worked on, so here are two images from a model I built back in Revit 4.5


coreed said...

why post from 4.5. lets see the new stuff :)

David Duarte said...

These are the only 3D views I have from back in my rendering days (and they aren't even rendered).

I've been doing construction documents in Revit for the past three years and don't have any renderings to show from that time. Don't count me out completely though. I might do some rendering yet when 2009 comes out.

The only other images I have are photos of projects completed or under construction.

cpoole said...

I am trying to get started in ReVit. I went to a 2 day training class and some self exploration is as much as I know. My boss asked me to put a project we did in CAD into ReVit. It seems to be very frustrating is this normal?

David Duarte said...

Is this a remodel or new construction project? Where are you located? How many sq. ft is the project and what kind of occupancy?

Sounds like you're going to be the go-to-guy for Revit in your office? How big is the office?

New users tend to jump back and forth... "i love that revit can do this"... "i wish that revit could do that" It's a love hate relationship in the beginning until, eventually, you and Revit come to an understanding and you can get real work done.

We got our feet wet with 3D modeling and didn't try to do condocs until I was confident I could troubleshoot any Revit issues.

Amit Uppal said...

Pls Help

I m doing "Getting Started" tutorial that shipped with RAC 2008. In this tutorial I have drawn four leves Lines as follows: -

Level 1 - Line is drawn at -14'
Level 2 - Line is drawn at -10'
Level 2 - Line is drawn at 0'
Level 2 - Line is drawn at 10'

Then I switch to Level 1, I click on Wall Icon in Design Bar & select "Basic Wall Foundation -12" concrete.

Evrything is going smooth, but when I try to choose "02 Entry Level" from Depth drop down list, then error appear that "The Top of the wall is lower than the base of the wall". How this error can be resolved. I m newbie.

Dave Baldacchino said...

That's because your wall is a foundation wall, so it grows "downwards" instead of how a regular wall grows, which is upwards.

Before placing the wall, go to the properties dialog and you'll see that the Base Constraint has a negative offset for foundation walls. In this case, rather than setting the base constraint to a lower level and the top constraint to a higher level, Revit sets the same base constraint for both and gives the base constraint a negative offset. Since you're selecting another level instead of leaving it unconnected and giving it an explicit height, that error arises. Just place the default first and modify the offsets and levels as desired after placement.