Friday, June 27, 2008

Revit 2009 Rendering

Here is me doodling with Revit's new rendering engine in 2009.

I had to scale the roof tiles to 16' and the grass to 6". I also had to load some of our custom families to detail the elevations. The plants are out of the box.


Christian said...

Great rendering! How do you model the roof and ridge roll? Is is based on a curtain wall system?

Revit Bimmer said...

Nice looking rendering.... How do you model the roof such that the roof tile is all in 3D? Is it curtain system?

David Duarte said...

With the exception of the rake and ridge, my tiles are just a material. If you want to 3d model all the roof tiles there is a shortcut posted on AUGI using sloped glazing.