Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dimension Text Override

To override or not to override... Which camp are you in?

Maybe you've noticed that you cannot override dimension text like you would in AutoCAD. You can however add a Prefix and Suffix to dimensions under the dimension's Properties. If you absolutely must override dimension text (for Verify In Field or other common notes) here is what we've done:

1. Select the dimensions tool and goto its properties.
2. Click on Edit/New.
3. Click on Duplicate to create a new Dimension Type.
4. Give the dimension type a new name like... Blank
5. Now Change the text size to 1/256" (smallest you can get)
6. Change Units Format to Decimal Feet and rounding to 0 decimal places. You now have a font that is so small it won't register.
7. Now just use the Text tool to add whatever text you need on top of your "blank" dimension.

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