Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Key Plans

Revit does not currently have a Key Plan Tool so this is what we do when we need a Key Plan on our sheets.

1. Export your Base Plan to DWG (just the unit boundaries)
2. Create a Detail Component. File... New... Family... Detail Component.rft
3. Import your Base Plan. File... Import... DWG
4. Add a Yes/No Parameter for each unit or quadrant. Family Types... Add Parameters... Type Yes/No... Set Instance Parameter... give each unit or quadrant a name.
5. Draw Filled regions for each unit or quadrant of your Base Plan and assign each one a Yes/No Parameter. To do this go to the Filled Region's properties and you'll find a Visibility check box. At the far right there is a tiny grey box. Click on it and select your new Yes/No Parameter as the parameter that defines the visiblity. Do this for each filled region.
6. Now load your new Detail Component into a Legend View in your project and set the appropriate scale.

You can now turn on and off each quadrant using the Yes/No Parameters you set up in the element's properties.


Steve said...

Another variation on this approach, add your detail component to your title block instead. Add and connect yes/no parameters to drive the bldg part shading as well as one to turn off the whole key...

archshrk said...

Does this still work in 2009? I can't turn off parameters on a per sheet basis. I can control it in the legend view but then it's the same for every sheet the legend is placed.

Dominic said...

How do you get it independent on each sheet so you can control the shading of the different regions?

Same issue as archshrk posted.

David Duarte said...

You have to create a separate Legend for each quadrant.

Jan said...

If a key plan is what I think it is, I want one. But even though I am not that much of a beginner with Revit, I don't understand what this procedure means. If you could provide me more detail, I would appreciate it.


Jan Neff-Sinclair