Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Revit Resources

Did you buy a revit subscription? You should have access to 100 class sessions recorded at AU 2005 in Orlando. Just login to the Autodesk Subscription Center and click on AU Online 2005. You might have to reset your password with Autodesk if you don't remember it... it's worth it. Other great tutorials are available at DGCAD. If you're having a problem you can't solve you can also file a support request with AutoDesk. Go to Help... Create Support Request. They usually respond within 2 hours. Their support is excellent.

Are you looking for Revit Families online? Go to File... Load from Library... Load Family... and click on Web Library or you can try Symbol Machine and RevitCity's Family Explorer.

Want to ask other Revit users how to accomplish something? Signup for forums at AUGI and RevitCity.

Are you looking for material textures online? Goto Google and type... download textures.

You found this blog so I assume you can find many of the other blogs that are available online. Feel free to comment on your favorite resources.

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