Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Naming Conventions

If you're responsible for establishing a naming convention for your Project Files you're probably wondering what other offices do. This is what we've established.

Project files: [project number] [project name] - [Central or User] - [version]
Example: 0513.00 Johnson - Central - 03.rvt

Family files: [office initials] [family category] - [title] - [version] - [project precedent]
Example: AA Window - Dbl4x4 - 01 - Garden Lane.rfa

Group files: [office initials] [group category] - [title] - [version] - [project precedent]
Example: AA Door - Dutch Door - 02 - Hope.rvg

1. We name our files from general to specific so that when they sort in windows explorer finding what you want is easier.
2. Office Initials are reserved for files that are established standards. If it doesn't have our initials it isn't a standard yet.
3. Version numbers are necessary because we often have many versions of the same thing.

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