Friday, March 23, 2007

The Data Manager

With the implementation of Revit we, like many offices, have had to assign people to develop Revit standards and content that is specific to our office. Some people refer to these individuals as Data Managers or Data Leaders.

In an Architectural Record article "Getting on Board with Building Information Modeling" Larry Flynn describes a Data Manager as someone "responsible for coordinating the various computer files and models that are integrated into a BIM."

HOK's CAD Standards describe a Data Leader as someone "responsible for the execution of the CAD strategy including, the use of BIM, the folder structure and file-naming strategy, use of templates, and documenting specific project procedures..." AND "... audits the drawings to ensure conformance with the standards and a logical organization of the CAD work."

In our office Data Managers are starting to inspect models for proper construction. And not just our models but also the drawings we are getting from consultants. They are virtually becoming in-house building inspectors or should I say... They are becoming in-house Virtual Building Inspectors.

To quote Daphne, one of our Project Managers, "Revit is becoming quite the little tattle-tail."


coreed said...

"In our office Data Managers are starting to inspect models for proper construction."

What criteria are you using to establish what constitutes proper construction, in-house or info from the new BIM standards that are being developed.

best regards,

David Duarte said...

I've been following NBIMS somewhat and was under the impression that it was A) still in development and B) a standard more for vendors developing BIM related software.

We are inspecting our models for the proper graphic representation and physical assembly of building components based on standards this office has learned and developed for our particular style of design and presentation.