Sunday, March 04, 2007

SpecifiCAD beta for Revit 9.1 released

CADalytic Media has released a beta version of SpecifiCAD. Utilizing the Revit API SpecifiCAD will add the URL and DESCRIPTION of any product on the McGraw Hill Construction Sweets Network website to the Identity Data of any family you choose. This data can then be exported to 3rd party Spec Writing Software.
  • Download SpecifiCAD
  • Install SpecifiCAD for Revit 9.1
  • Open a new project in Revit 9.1
  • Goto Tools... External Tools... SpecifiCAD
  • Place a component in any view.
  • Highlight the component and click on the Specify button in your SpecifiCAD dialog box
  • If SpecifiCAD is not finding what you want you can do custom searches
  • When you find what you want highlight the component again and click on the LINK button below the product you want.

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