Monday, March 05, 2007

Filtering View Specific Content

Do you want to know if Text Backgrounds used in a view are opaque or transparent?
Are you trying to find hidden filled regions in a view?
Are you having trouble distinguishing detail lines from model lines in a view?

Well, the easiest way to separate view specific content from model content in a view is to place a temporary filled region with a Solid Fill Pattern that covers the entire view (choose a neutral color). Then just select the filled region and Send To Back. All view specific content will pop out and all model content will be hidden behind your Filled Region.

However, if you want to know where the Linework Tool was used you'll have to resort to selecting the Linework Tool... By Category... and floating your mouse over the model to "scan" for where it may have been used. Lines will highlight when you roll your mouse over them if the Linework Tool was infact used.


puerhan said...

To find filled regions you can select everything on screen and then use the filter selection button to de-select everything except filled regions. Same for text etc... the filter selection button is a brilliant tool.

David Duarte said...

Actually if you just go to View Properties... Display Model... and set to Do Not Display you'll be able to more easily isolate view specific 2D detail... without the need for a solid masking or filled region.