Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Open, Sesame

When you place an existing door or window in an existing wall and then demo the door or window in the new construction phase Revit automatically places an infill wall to replace the door or window. You can then change this infill wall type to any wall type you like, but without a workaround you really can't get rid of the infill wall. We frequently run into situations where we want to demo a door but leave the opening intact. I have seen this discussed at length on AUGI and there are many workarounds but I think the workaround I found today (One Thousand and One Nights later) is an easier option.

Revit has had a Filter function since release 9. By adding a Comment to any instances of infilling walls and filtering out the visibility of the walls based on the Comment added you can hide infilling walls from any of your views.
  • Place an existing wall and door in any existing plan view.
  • Demo your door in the new construction phase.
  • Select the infill wall and add a value to the Comments instance parameter under element properties.
  • Go to the Filters tab in the Visibility/Graphic Overides of your new construction view.
  • Define a new filter for Walls and select Filter by: Comments... equals. Type in the value you used in the Comments field earlier.
  • Insert your new Filter into this view's Visibility/Graphics and turn off its visibility. Do the same for all views where you would like to hide infill walls.
  • Unjoin the geometry of the infill wall and its host wall if you can't see where they meet in 3D or elevation views.


Aaron said...

Or you could create a "hidden infill" wall type and filter by type name. Then you just need to match the wall type to achieve your opening. No typing (instance comment) required.

Thanks, I didn't realize I could unjoin the infill wall - that's very useful. We want the demolished jamb line to show up in plan for clarity.

David said...

This can also be done by changing the infill wall type to an empty panel curtain wall type... No filters necessary.